Science has evolved.

Wine is healthy. Wine is dangerous. All studies on both sides of this issue are totally inconclusive.

Because of numerous new studies, the French Paradox concept can no longer be considered causal. In fact, it has never actually been proven causal.

Just like all of the studies that claim alcohol at at any level causes cancer or other maladies, the science done so far has produced “associations” which can be considered indications, but cannot be considered causal.

Association is not causation

NONE of the alcohol health studies so far — positive or negative — can be considered causal.

Basically, all the studies on both sides of this issue have concluded various associations.

For example, this recent link — A recent study suggests red wine may protect you from COVID. But I wouldn’t drink to this yet –talks about the flaws in a recent study on how red wine is healthy:

On the other hand, this article — Serious flaws found in Lancet study “debunking myth” of healthy moderate alcohol consumption –uses basically the same arguments  (along with finding  even more data errors).

No properly done studies

There was a botched attempt at better methodology back in 2014, but it was cancelled because of potential industry influence and bias and because its results would face been irrelevant to the general public. See: NIH halts controversial moderate alcohol consumption study.

That is why this site and its authors no longer consider “The French Paradox” as a valid guide to health.