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Wine and Your Health: News of the Day – 10/14/2014

A new accepted manuscript in the journal Maturitas does a thorough examination of the effects of moderate red wine consumption on human health based on over 100 previously published research studies on the topic.

Is moderate wine consumption beneficial? Or does the alcohol negate any of the potential benefits shown? How does alcohol and specifically, wine, affect various systems and diseases of the human body?

This extensive review acknowledges that there are benefits and harm caused by varying levels of alcohol in the body at various points in life, however, based on the ample research out there, it can be concluded that in general, for some individuals, the benefits of moderate wine consumption outweigh the risks of the associated alcohol consumption.

The study ultimately recommends those that consume wine moderately should not be discouraged from doing so, and that physicians might consider educating patients about the benefits of moderate wine consumption if and only if they and their doctor feel that it is an appropriate therapy for their body and their life.

You may find the original article in Maturitas here.