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Wine and Your Health: News of the Day – 10/15/2014

A new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) by a large cohort of Spanish doctors and scientists found that the “Mediterranean diet”, like the diet frequently consumed by the French and other cultures throughout the Mediterranean area (think: French Paradox), is not correlated with the onset of metabolic syndrome, and in many cases actually reversed the condition in those experiences symptoms.


Metabolic syndrome, also known as insulin resistance or pre-diabetes, is a common health problem in modern times that can be caused by obesity, sedentary behaviors, stress, and poor diet.


Building on the idea that the Mediterranean diet, as evident in the so-called French Paradox, somehow protects against these diet and weight-related disorders, Spanish researchers found that in looking at just shy of 6000 patients that were at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, a Mediterranean diet featuring extra virgin olive oil and/or nuts prevented the signs and symptoms of metabolic syndrome from occurring. Additionally, a Mediterranean diet featuring extra virgin olive oil and/or nuts was also associated with the reversal of metabolic syndrome symptoms in those patients already exhibiting these characteristics at the beginning of the study.


You may find the original article in CMAJ here.